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  1. 1. No warranty for business

    This website does not assure and undertake its subscribers of any enquiry or sale of their items published on the website. This portal merely offers a platform to display the products and does not assume any liability for negotiating or executing any transaction through this website. All posts on the website irrespective of payments made, will be at the sole risk and responsibility of their respective proprietors.
  1. 2. Exclusion clause / disclaimer

    Any transaction entered into between the two parties on the basis of any publication or post on this website will not be the responsibility of the website. Any business transaction carried out on the basis of publication on this website will be on “principal” to “principal” basis between the members and their individual customers. The website does not give any warranty, assurance or guarantee for the quality, quantity or standard of any goods or services advertised on this website and will not be deemed as a seller or distributor of such goods or services.

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    Any person entering into a transaction on the basis of a post published on the website will be responsible to verify the representations made in the website and to ascertain the genuineness of any post/advertisement published therein. All representations, warranties and claims published on the website will be on the basis of declaration made by the concerned members and the website shall assume no responsibility for the same.
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    The members of this website will use the facilities offered for their commercial purposes and objectives. No member shall be considered as a seller of any service rendered by the website.
  1. 4. No warranty for profit

    The website does not assure or project any extent of success in business transaction and merely offers a platform to exchange communication between the “supplier” and “buyer”. The members have no right or entitlement to expect any result as a matter of right on the basis of publication of post on the website and will not hold the website liable in the event of loss or non realization of price or dues.

    Dispute resolution

    Any dispute or difference arising from the interpretation or the execution of, or the implementation or termination or modification of the terms of this website or any issue related to the membership of the website and all and any claim related to this website directed against the owners thereof and all other disputes and differences involving or concerning or related to the website or any matter connected thereto, will be referred to arbitration. The proprietor or the Managing Partner or CEO of the owner of the website shall have the sole right and prerogative to appoint Arbitrator of his choice when any dispute or difference is referred before him or the website intends to sue any party or member in arbitration. The appointment made by such proprietor or Managing Partner or CEO of the owner of the website will be final and binding on all concerned parties. The arbitration shall be in English, held at Kolkata and shall be governed by the provisions of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996 or any statutory modification thereof. The High Court at Calcutta (and where the pecuniary jurisdiction does not allow the proceeding to be brought before it, then the City Civil Court at Calcutta) shall only have the exclusive jurisdiction to entertain and adjudicate on any legal proceeding that may be required to be brought provided such legal proceeding is otherwise maintainable under the provisions of the Arbitration & Conciliation Act, 1996, as amended from time to time.

    The website shall have no obligation to publish any post or to continue to retain any post unless the entire fee prescribed for membership or such continuation is paid in the manner indicated.

    The members displaying or advertising their goods or services on the website will be solely responsible for recovering and realizing the value of any goods or services and for implementing their respective terms and conditions of sale or lease or hire, as the case may be.

    The website does not assume any liability or exposure or responsibility for any situation not expressly provided for in these terms and conditions.

    The website does not assume or undertake any liability or obligation or responsibility for the effective performance of any duty or promise by the members towards the third parties and visitors of the website including matters related to delivery of goods or rendering of services published on the website.

    The website may be withdrawn or terminated at any time on the sole discretion and prerogative of its owners or under any directive/ order of a competent Authority and no member shall be entitled to anticipate any duration for the period of its publication.

    The content, display material and alignment offered to the website for publication will be prepared by the interested member and the obligation to abide by the law in such duration will remain the sole obligation of such member. The website, shall, however have the superior right, at all material items, to approve any such publication, content or material offered by any interested member or to reject the same in entirety or any part thereof without assigning any reason at its sole option and similarly to discontinue any publication after it has been posted on the website for any reason this website may feel appropriate.

  1. 5. Ranking of members

    The website may rank and categorize its members involved in similar class of goods or services and assign any mark of appreciation for the quality or discipline or reputation of their products or services. Such ranking or categorization shall be carried by the website following its own set of parameters and policies. No member shall have a right to complain or hold any grievance or claim in respect thereof. Such ranking or classification shall be a mere suggestion and will be totally subject to actual physical verification by the persons dealing with their transacting parties.

    No right or privilege will accrue in favour of any service provider or developer or user of the website.

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    All matters relating to membership and dealings regarding membership, data and information relating to business transacted through the website and publication on the post run on the website shall be treated as confidential data and information to which the website will remain solely entitled.